How does Brad Pitt keep his youthful looks?  

Brad Pitt has had dermal fillers and laser treatment according to and Star Magazine.  

FameWatcher said that New York City based plastic surgeon Jennifer Walden, M.D., although not having treated Brad, said

“Before, Brad’s skin was ruddy, a result of aging from stress and sun exposure.”

After “his skin is shinier and there are fewer wrinkles on his face, which indicates he had a resurfacing procedure, like a laser called Fraxel or a chemical peel. It also looks like he’s had soft-tissue fillers, like Restylane or Juvéderm, injected into his wrinkles.”

Looking at the before and after picture of Brad taken only 2 months apart it certainly looks like he has had these procedures.  Treatments like dermal fillers, Fraxel laser and chemical peels are relatively easy walk-in walk-out treatments so why not? You would be surprised how many people have these treatments to look great – its not just for the rich and famous.  Thank goodness!

Brad Pitt before and after my selection