Gordon Ramsay’s amazing transformation

It is surprising how a simple treatment of a couple of ‘easy to handle’ botox injections can take years of your face.

Look for example at this picture of Gordon Ramsay.

Gordon Ramsay before botoxGordon Ramsay after botox

Gordon Ramsay’s brow wrinkles are greatly reduced but they are not completely gone. This is because his wrinkles were unusually deep from excessive frowning. Over time with regular anti wrinkle injections the wrinkles may reduce further.  However if he wants the look of a younger smooth brow then he will probably need to have a dermal fillers injected to plump out the wrinkles.  If he had started anti wrinkle injections sooner he would not have this problem of having to use dermal fillers as well.

Gordon Ramsay’s lower face lines are less pronounced so it is likely he has had dermal fillers to get that improvement.

He looks great and still very natural. Good on you Gordon Ramsay!