Lynne Hyland, journalist with the Mirror, had a make over using fillers. Here’s her before and after shots.


Here’s what Lynne had to say about the results.  

“I don’t look like I’ve had anything done. I mean, nothing. If it wasn’t my job to try these things and tell the world, nobody would guess. I can’t even look in the mirror and pinpoint it. But when I put the before and after pictures side by side, I’m shocked. I look like somebody hit ‘refresh’ on my face.

The hollowing in the cheeks and eyes is plumped out, and the mouth-to-nose lines are softened. Even the chin filler – which I’d feared would leave me looking like the clay head of Lionel Richie in the Hello video – has restored something I didn’t even realise I’d lost.”

Looking at the before and after photos I think she may also have had some laser freckle removal treatment and injections to slim her jaw line. As you can see dermal fillers and wrinkle injections can be used to make you look really good and still remain so natural that no one knows you have had anything done.  At the Laser Skin Clinic our doctors specialise in creating a beautiful natural looking you. Their visual assessment of your facial needs, their injecting technique and the strategic placement and quantity of injectables is so important to get the best results.