Anna’s Wild Yam Cream
‘Traditionally used for the Relief of Menstrual Discomfort and Menopausal Symptoms’. Click HERE for more information and instructions.

ASAP Skin Care
asapasap offers scientifically proven skin care solutions for women and men of varying skin types. asap’s success is based on the use of active ingredients such as Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) and antioxidants to create simple skin care that has fast-acting visible results. asap keeps its product range concise and affordable so that caring for your skin is a simple pleasure every day. asap works hard to make beautiful skin easy. Click HERE for more information and instructions.

Cell Fusion C
Cell Fusion C consists of CMS, which is largely composed of Lecithin and Ceramide that recovers the damaged skin barrier to its original state. The active agents are stabilized in the dual Liposome process which also improves the skin’s absorption ability, boosting its recovery. Click HERE for more information and instructions.

Emla 30 g
EMLA Cream (lidocaine 2.5% and prilocaine 2.5%) local anesthetic (numbing medication).
Emla can be used to apply to the area to reduce discomfort prior to treatment. The most common areas to apply Emla are for Laser Tattoo Removal and some facial Laser Skin Treatments. At the Laser Skin Clinic we recommended to use on small areas only. Emla is needed to be applied for an hour prior to treatment to the skin being treated. If a patient wishes to use Emla on large areas we recommended having a consultation with your local GP prior to using Emla on large areas to assess if this is a safe choice for you.

the silicone gel for professional scar therapy. Click HERE for more information and instructions.

Stratamed is necessary for post care for laser skin treatments, tattoo removal, dermal rolling and surgical mole removal to reduce inflammation and kill bacteria that may result in an adverse effect on the skin such as hyperpigmentation and over production of collagen resulting in keloid scarring. Click HERE for more information and instructions.