Carbon Laser Peel

The Carbon Laser Peel also called the ‘China Doll Peel’ (named for its porcelain doll like finish to the skin) is an innovative new laser resurfacing technique used to treat skin imperfections. The Carbon Laser Peel works to restore skin balance whilst promoting a fresh and even glow. As the treated skin regenerates, the appearance of spots and pigment are visibly softened and the texture of the skin is improved overall.

Conditions the Carbon Laser Peel is used to treat

Skin pigmentation such as sun damage, acne, rejuvenation and removal of congestion in pores .The Laser Skin Clinic can provide personalised treatment plans tailored to your individual needs to target unwanted skin concerns. The Carbon Laser Peel is the latest innovation to deliver long-lasting results.

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Benefits of Carbon Laser Peel

Who can have the treatment?

Anyone can enjoy the treatment. If you need to have a quickly refreshed look or to remove some blemishes from your skin, then this is the right option for you.

It is important to point out that the treatment will have lasting results if proper skin care is observed. A single treatment may have noticeable results, but long-term benefits will be enjoyed by having regular treatments.

For the best Carbon Laser Peel skin treatment results, you can book an appointment with the Laser Skin Clinic. Our professionals will give you the best attention to ensure you look your best.

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