Melasma Treatment and the RevLite Laser

Melasma (also called Chloasma) is an extremely difficult condition to treat using traditional methods. Most commonly seen on the facial skin of women, it is a hormonally induced pigmentation condition which is generally characterised by a roughly symmetrical pattern of darker blotchy grey-brown pigmentation around the eyes and cheeks, and above the lip, chin or brow. Melasma is stimulated by UV light, and if treated incorrectly, can worsen. Sun protection is necessary to reduce the effects of melasma. If you suffer from the condition and are looking for an effective melasma treatment, discover the benefits of the RevLite melasma laser treatment offered at the Laser Skin Clinic.

What is the RevLite Laser?

The RevLite is effective and safe on all skin types. This includes Asian, Indian and African skin.

The RevLite Q-switched laser is an effective treatment for melasma on the face and is safe on all skin types, including Asian, Indian and African skin. It is a world class USA made laser that safely improves pigmentation, skin texture, pore size and sebum production. Studies have also shown it to improve acne, acne scars and fine wrinkles.

Melasma is characterised by epidermal and deeper dermal melasma, both of which are typically found in patients with the condition. Whilst epidermal pigmentation may possibly be temporarily faded with topical lightening agents, the deeper, dermal form of melasma needs to be safely treated by the RevLite Q-switched Nd-YAG laser. The RevLite melasma laser treatment procedure works by the laser light breaking up the pigmentation in the dermis and epidermis. The extremely short pulse duration of the RevLite shatters the pigment into micro particles so that the pigment can be removed.

How Many Melasma Laser Treatment Sessions Are Required?

We recommend approximately six melasma laser treatment sessions at one to two week intervals for maximum success. After each treatment, you will notice that the melasma will progressively lighten.

Take care both before and after treatments to minimise your exposure to the sun. Exposure to UV light will once again stimulate the melanocytes to create melasma again. If you do get any new melasma and have it treated immediately, you usually need only one to two treatments to remove it.

About the Consultation

A consultation with one of our specialist clinicians is required to determine your suitability for melasma treatment. To book your free consultation or seek further information about melasma treatment on the face, call us on 0415832226.


Full Face: $295 per treatment and prepaid packages of 6 treatments @ $250 per treatment, custom quotes available in consultations.

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