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Fantastic with Fillers

Lynne Hyland, journalist with the Mirror, had a make over using fillers. 


Here’s what Lynne had to say about the results.  

“I don’t look like I’ve had anything done. I mean, nothing. If it wasn’t my job to try
these things and tell the world, nobody would guess. I can’t even look in the mirror
and pinpoint it. But when I put the before and after pictures side by side,
I’m shocked. I look like somebody hit ‘refresh’ on my face.

The hollowing in the cheeks and eyes is plumped out, and the mouth-to-nose lines
are softened. Even the chin filler – which I’d feared would leave me looking like the
clay head of Lionel Richie in the Hello video – has restored something I didn’t even
realise I’d lost.”

Lynne Hyland’s before and after photos.


At the Laser Skin Clinic our doctors specialise in creating a beautiful natural looking you. Their visual assessment of your facial needs,
their injecting technique, the strategic placement and quality of injectables is so important to get the best results.