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8 Point Lift

A woman before and after shot with and without makeup

8 point lift is an advanced filler injecting technique to improve the look of your whole face, remove signs of aging giving you a fresher and more youthful appearance.

The treatment will lift your skin to minimise saggy skin, improve facial symmetry, remove signs of aging such as jowls and hollowing under eyes. As well as adding volume to your upper cheeks, using filler under the eyes (tear troughs) and filling in the wrinkles above your upper lip, Dr Parmar can use fillers to improve the shape of your jawline, reduce jowls and minimise the appearance of the fat under your chin.  The final results of these injections of the lower face are absolutely amazing. It will give you a slimmer jaw line and you don’t see the fat under the chin and it looks very natural.

You can book in for a specific procedure with Dr Parmar or you can book in for a consultation so that he can give you a complete face assessment and recommend what treatments would look great for you.

The treatments are minimally invasive and many of our clients return to work after the procedure.

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