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Laser Tattoo Removal


People get tattoos for a wide variety of reasons. Some have emotional significance, while others might commemorate a certain special event. However, you may have a tattoo or tattoo’s that you now regret, or it never looked the way you planned.

How Does Permanent Tattoo Removal Work?

The Laser Skin Clinic offers two services for people unhappy with their tattoos. You can either have it faded so it can be easily modified at a later date, or you can undergo a permanent tattoo removal procedure. The latter option will generally require at least 10 laser treatment sessions to achieve complete results; however, amateur tattoos, tattoos comprised of black ink and red ink only, and tattoos that only need to be faded for future modification will generally require less treatments. Laser tattoo removal works by delivering laser energy onto the tattoo ink at very rapid speed causing the ink particles to disintegrate or break up into much smaller fragments and thereby allowing the body’s immune system to naturally dispose of the broken-down ink debris.

The Pastelle Q-Switched Laser

The Laser Skin Clinic uses the state-of-the-art Pastelle a medical grade Q-switched Nd:YAG laser, widely considered to be an industry leader. At present, the Laser Skin Clinic is the only provider of tattoo removal in Canberra that owns this laser. Q-switched laser tattoo removal technology is renowned for being significantly less painful and more efficient than laser based tools of years gone by.
Higher end models typically present better results and reduced risk to the patient as well, due mainly to the level of care and consideration invested in their manufacture.
The Pastelle™ treats multi colour tattoo’s effectively. We have a choice of four wavelengths: 532nm, 595nm, 660nm and 1064nm enabling us to successfully fade or remove a much wider spectrum of colours beyond the standard black.

What to Expect At Treatment

Should you be seeking laser tattoo removal in Canberra, we require you first come in for an initial consultation which is free of charge. At the consultation, we will discuss your requirements, inform you of the process, run through tattoo removal prices, and assess your suitability for treatment.
Prior to the tattoo removal procedure, the area may be anaesthetised to make the treatment as comfortable as possible. The actual treatment time might be as little as minutes for a small tattoo. The tattoo may appear frosted and be slightly raised immediately after treatment. Additionally, the surrounding skin may be red.