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What is Healite II?

HEALITE II is the gold standard in LED phototherapy system and its efficacy is supported by numerous medical research papers.  It is the second-generation Light Emitting Diode (LED) phototherapy system and is TGA approved. It is the only LED phototherapy system to use the 590nm sequencing prior to the 830nm treatment. The 590nm photo sequencing prior to the 830nm treatment in order to prepare the skin to enhance the benefits from the 830nm treatment.

Developed by Dr Glen Calderhead, the world leader of LED technology, HEALITE II harnesses the properties of light via Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology, properly delivered and concentrated, treating effectively without possibility of physical trauma or thermal damage.

HEALITE II is a skin surface treatment uses light to deliver light in precise wavelengths for the treatment of active acne, superficial skin lesions, relieving pain, promoting skin rejuvenation, reducing inflammation and improving the skin’s healing response.

What conditions can be treated with the Healite II?

A course of Healite II treatments for patients with active acne is an excellent effective alternative as compared to more expensive laser treatments. 
Healite II will speed up the healing response of the skin caused by laser treatment, Tixel, skin needling, peels or surgery and reduce the pain, bruising and swelling experienced after these treatments.
Treatment with Healite II may also improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improve photo-aged skin and enhance skin tone and texture.
Patients of all ages and skin colours can safely benefit from the pain free, athermal Healite II treatments.
830nm wavelength (Yellow Light) has the following benefits:

– Improved clinical outcomes and shorter down-time when Healite II is an add-on to other skin treatments. 
– Wound Healing, Scar reduction and Pain relief
– Relief of muscle and joint pain
– Reduction of skin redness, reduction of post inflammatory hyperpigmentation and improvement of skin tone and texture
– Reduction to active acne

415nm wavelength (Blue Light) is used for the treatment of active acne following on with 2 or 3 830nm wavelength (Yellow Light).

How many treatments will I need?

The number of sessions required will depend on the condition being treated. For most indications we would generally recommend one to two sessions per week for four weeks followed by monthly maintenance treatments.

Is it painful and is there any downtime?

Healite II treatments are pain free, safe and have no downtime.

What are the costs of Healite II treatments?

A single stand-alone Healite II LED treatment will cost $99.
When you have skin rejuvenation treatments such as Tixel, Skin Needling, Cosmelan or Dermamelan, Synergie skin peels, or laser treatments adding a  Healite II will provide enhanced skin rejuvenation and promote quicker healing. As an add on to these other treatments the cost is $49  extra per treatment. As an add-on therapy Healite II LED will promote quicker healing and enhanced skin rejuvenation. 

Healite II treatments include

  • Wound healing 830/590 nm
  • Pain relief 830/590 nm
  • Muscle and joint pain 830/590 nm
  • Arthritis 830/590 nm
  • Active acne 830/590 or 415 nm
  • Skin rejuvenation 830/590 nm
  • Post-inflammatory Hyperpigmentation 830/590 nm
  • Hair regrowth 830/590 nm


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