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Cell Fusion C

Cell Fusion C consists of CMS, which is largely composed of Lecithin and Ceramide that recovers the damaged skin
barrier to its original state. The active agents are stabilized in the dual Liposome process which also improves the
skin’s absorption ability, boosting its recovery.

Empowering the Skin Barrier

Components Lecithin , Ceramide , and Triglycerides are materials similar to the skin’s natural composition that help
the skin enhance its natural barrier.


Liposome Processing

The active agents that boost the skin’s functions are encapsulated into a Lecithin bilayer to stabilize the
ingredients and accelerates the chemicals to penetrate the skin, while rapidly treats any skin problem.



Product Guide

Division Cleanser Skin Care Intensive Care
Point Remover & Cleansing Primary Second Cleansing Deep Cleansing Mist & Toner Ampoule & Serum Eye & Spot Emulsion Cream Mask & Sheet
Basic Care Damaged Skin       Laser Rejuvenation Mist Laser Rejuvenation Ampoule Eye Contour Gel

Eye Contour Gel Eye Contour Gel Post A.D Post A.D
  Laser Rejuvenation Cream Laser Rejuvenation Cellulose Mask
Wrinkled Skin           Cellular Eye Cream   BTX Flattensome  
Skin That Lacks Elasticity         CMS Matrix     Peptide Cellular Reservoir Mask
Dull Skin         Advanced Mela Treatment     Photoaging Whitening Forte Vitamin C Liposome Mask
Dull And Sagging Skin         Dual Liposome C & V.I.A Method

Dual Liposome C Dual Liposome C V.I.A Method V.I.A Method
  Alpha Lipoic C   H.M.F Vitamin Mask
Extremely Dry Skin       Physiological Complex Toner     Cellular Lipidsome Ceramide II  
Porous Skin Pore Treatment         Pore Minimizer      
Oily Skin   Anti B.A.C Cleansing Gel   Anti B.A.C Toner   MediSpa Spot Control N.M.F Multi Emulsion β-Glucan  
Ultra-Sensitive Skin Gentle Lip and Eyes Make-up Remover & Vitamin Milk Cleanser

Gentle Lip and Eyes Make-up Remover Gentle Lip and Eyes Make-up Remover Vitamin Milk Cleanser Vitamin Milk Cleanser
Physiological Cleansing Gel Papaya Granule Peels K Solution Multi Aqua gel 메디스파 아텔로 콜라겐 케이_센테카솔 연고

콜라겐케이 센테카솔 콜라겐케이 센테카솔
Moisture Oxygen Endogene K  
Protection Care Lip               Bliss for the Lips  
Sunscreen       MediSpa Sunspray SPF35/PA++       MediSpa Sunblock SPF47/PA++ & Laser Sunscreen 100 SPF50+/PA+++

MediSpa Sunblock MediSpa Sunblock Laser Sunscreen Laser Sunscreen
BB               Derma Blemish Balm & Skin Blemish Balm

Derma Blemish Balm Derma Blemish Balm Skin Blemish Balm Skin Blemish Balm