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  • Contains new generation formulations
  • Compliments my existing skincare regime
  • Makes a visible improvement in skin tone and smoothness
  • Is simple and easy to use
  • Achieves a youthful appearance without painful injections
  • Be fragrance free, paraben free, not tested on animals
  • And be developed by an experienced skin doctor

The Seruderm ™ formulators have combined cutting edge anti-wrinkle ingredients with powerful moisturising agents in a breakthrough beauty serum.

The result, a noticeable improvement in:

  • Skin condition
  • Existing wrinkles
  • Reduced wrinkle depth

Formulated with cutting edge anti-wrinkle ingredients Seruderm ™ contains advanced cosmetic skincare ingredients.

Seruderm ™ is easily integrated into your current skincare routine and there is no need to change your current regime in order to get younger-look skin.

Seruderm ™ compliments other hydrating and protective products and is gentle enough for most skin types, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of the latest in anti-ageing skin care without altering your skincare routine.

Dr Peter Bakaric is one of Australia’s leading cosmetic physicians.

He is regarded as Australia’s pre-eminent expert on skin care, anti-ageing medicine and wrinkle reduction.

Dr Bakaric established Australia’s first dedicated cosmetic medicine practice, the Collagen Face Centre, in Sydney in 1983.

Dr Bakaric’s professional experience and his reputation for being constantly abreast of the newest and best medical cosmetic methods available from around the globe have led to his client list including a large number of Australia’s most high profile people in the media, entertainment, social, business and public arenas.

To meet the needs of patients whose busy schedules prevented frequent visits to his practice (and those a little shy of needles), Dr Bakaric went in search of the best at-home, needle-free anti-ageing beauty serum alternative that still delivered a top professional result.


This new cosmetic ingredient, relaxes facial wrinkles and reduces the appearence of fine lines by up to 63% in 28 days for a more youthful look.

  • Snap-8 (acetyl octapeptide-3) is a unique protein comprised of 8 amino acids. A number of skincare products contain Snap-8, but Seruderm ™ is formulated with no less than 10% Snap-8 solution, because 10% is the optimum amount to achieve wrinkle reduction.
  • Snap-8 is a variation of the well known hexapeptide ARGIRELINE®, used widely in anti-wrinkle skincare products. Snap-8 has been clinically proven to reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles by up to 63% in 28 days.
  • Snap-8 in-vivo studies – Below are two examples of skin topography analysis for measuring the effectiveness of 10% SNAP-8 Solution.

Analysis was carried out by taking silicon imprints from around the eyes of volunteers.

Hyaluronic Acid

Well known with skincare experts, Hyaluronic Acid (HA) naturally occurs in skin but decreases with age. It is a vital ingredient in the fight against premature skin ageing.

HA, also known as Hyaluron or Hyaluronate, is a well known ingredient in skin revitalisation products because it can hold 1,000 times its own weight in water.

Since HA attracts water, topical application can combat premature skin ageing by attracting a water layer on the skin’s surface to protect against moisture loss.

The Seruderm formula contains no less than 5% HA for optimal results.

Lactic Acid

Rewinds the effects of time by helping to promote fresh skin cells.

Skin treated with this ingredient will appear smooth and radiant with continued use.

This well known alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) has been used in skincare products for centuries, because it is valued for it’s moisturising and exfoliating properties.

Lactic Acid is also hygroscopic (water attracing).

Tested on 17 females, 10% Snap-8 solution in cream base vs placebo twice daily for 28 days showed up to 63% reduction in facial wrinkles. The test results were measured with a confocal profilometre.

Xpertmoist ™

This new and complex formula has been specifically designed to re-hydrate skin by up to 32%2 For extreme moisturisation, Xpertmoist ™ delivers a healthier-looking appearance in 20 days.

A preservative-free film containing specific conditioning ingredients, Xpertmoist ™ delivers a high moisturising and revitalising effect to dry and prematurely aged skin. The occlusive delivery system makes contact with the skin’s surface, minimising water loss and helps deliver SNAP-8 more efficiently.

Xpertmoist ™ contains among other ingredients:

  • Glycerin – restores suppleness and smoothness to skin.
  • Pseudoalteromonas Ferment Extract – for collagen health.

2 Tested on 20 females; 2x daily for 20 days; gel vs placebo; measured by corneometry: Gel contains 7% NMF-like moisturising mixture and is applied to one side of the face and placebo gel the other side.