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Dermamelan – depigmentation program

Dermamelan depigmentation by Mesoestetic is a medical treatment program that offers incredible results for the most stubborn pigmentation such as melasma, age spots and freckles. It is a safe and effective treatment for all skin colours.

Melasma is a hormonal pigmentation that principally effects women and is exacerbated by sun exposure.

Melasma has normally been a very difficult pigmentation to remove due to melasma being:

  1. hormonal related pigmentation,
  2. risk of hyperpigmentation if treated with most lasers and normal peels,
  3. pigmentation that is deeper in the skin, and
  4. hyper-sensitive to any sun exposure.

However, Dermamelan is very effective and safe for most patients with melasma. With over 20 years of experience doing treatments for pigmentation and melasma we believe, without doubt, that Dermamelan provides excellent results for all skin types with melasma.

The Dermamelan program includes in-clinic treatment, skin products and depigmentation products for home care, Healite treatment to speed up recovery and a dermal clinician allocated to supervise and support your home program. 



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