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Age Spots & Uneven Skin Colour

Our Treatments

Age Spots & Uneven Skin Colour can be treated very effectively at the Laser Skin Clinic.

The Cutera Alexandrite/ND-Yag Laser is an extremely effective laser for eradication of freckles and other sun induced pigmentation such as solar lentigos (sun spots) and age spots.

These are examples of epidermal hyperpigmentation. The pigmented cells absorb the energy from the laser and char, leaving the spots darkened but the surrounding skin undamaged – a process known as selective thermolysis.

The darkened spots flake away from the skin approximately one week later for the face, and between 2-3 weeks for skin elsewhere on the body e.g. arms, chest, back, legs and hands.

The Gemini KTP/ND-Yag laser is the best option for vascular lesions (red marks) and Rosacea, and also for birth marks of red coloration.

Additionally the long-pulse ND-Yag setting of the Gemini is used for some brown birthmarks and pigmented lesions and age spots.

The 532nm wavelength of the Gemini has a specific affinity to oxyhaemoglobin, which is the red coloration visible in broken capillaries, other vascular lesions and rosacea.

Q-switched KTP/ND-Yag provides an effective treatment for many pigmentation issues such as Naevus of Ota, Hori’s Neavus, Melasma and Dermal pigmentation and very light Age Spots that cannot be removed by other lasers.

In addition, the Revlite treatment will improve skin texture, minimise open pores and reduce wrinkles and scars.

The Revlite is effective and safe on all skin types. This includes Asian, Indian and African skin.

Melasma is very effectively treated with Cosmelan or Dermamelan depigmentation program. Alternatively, Q-switched laser can treat Melasma. 

Cost of Treatments

Price varies depending on the type of pigmentation and the size of the pigmented area. Prices start from $125.

Number of Treatments

The number of treatments depends on the depth and type of pigmented lesion. Some spots can be removed in one treatment, however typically multiple treatments are needed.

About the Consultation

A consultation with one of our specialist nurses/clinicians is required to determine your suitability for treatment.