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Laser Hair Removal

If there’s one area of personal grooming that women and men share in common, it’s hair removal. Whether it’s the legs, the face, the shoulders, or elsewhere, we often spend hours waxing, shaving, plucking and preening to either completely rid ourselves of that hair or get it looking just right. Of course, at the same time we’re also putting ourselves through unreasonable amounts of pain, all for a result that’s not actually as long-lasting as we’d like. That’s precisely why it’s worth making an appointment at our laser hair removal clinic in Canberra.

Using the latest in laser technology, with a laser hand-piece that is continuously chilled to 4ºCelius you get treatments that are much less painful and safe for all skin types so that we can help you enjoy long-lasting hair removal in even the most difficult to control areas.

Cutera HR Laser – Safer and More Effective

The Cutera HR Alexandrite and Nd:YAG laser uses a much safer, more effective hair removal laser due to its advanced chill tip laser hand piece and laser technology. Cutera HR is considered to be the gold standard for laser hair removal delivering unsurpassed level of treatment effectiveness, comfort and safety for hair removal clients. Cutera HR is widely regarded as the laser of choice for precise, non-invasive treatment for unwanted hair.

Laser hair removal on darker skin types, we use the Cutera HR NdYAG laser which is the gold standard for darker skin laser hair removal, due to the use of a laser hand-piece that is chilled to 4ºCelius and the 1064nm laser wavelength.  Our most popular treatments are laser hair removal on the face, the underarms and bikini area.   

The Advantages of Laser Hair Removal

Laser treatment provides long term hair removal for large or small areas, without the difficulties or commitment involved with other methods. The laser is designed to selectively treat only the hair follicle, leaving the surrounding tissue unaffected. The laser uses pulses of light to remove the hair, so there is little irritation to the skin. Your skin will become silky smooth and hair free.

  • smooth hair free skin
  • prevents ingrown hairs
  • strengthens the skin and improves skin quality
  • fewer treatments required than IPL hair removal
  • suitable for large areas
  • more accurate
  • non-invasive 

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

Laser hair removal treatment involves the application of a powerful laser light beam which safely penetrates the skin and is absorbed by the hair follicle, hindering its ability to grow hair. Compared to alternative methods of hair removal in Canberra, this is a safer, faster and more effective way to eliminate unwanted hair. Laser hair removal is most effective when the hair colour is significantly darker than the skin, e.g. dark hair on fair-skinned individuals, or black hair on darker skin colours. The laser emits a powerful beam of light that passes harmlessly through the skin, but is absorbed by the hair follicle. By selectively absorbing the laser energy, the hair follicles are disabled, impairing their ability to grow hair making your skin hair free. This is a safer, faster and more effective way to eliminate unwanted hair than traditional methods such as waxing or IPL. Laser hair removal is most effective when the hair colour is significantly darker than the skin, e.g. dark hair on fair-skinned individuals, or black hair on darker skin colours. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What does my skin look like after the treatment?

You may experience mild redness and warmth after laser hair removal, which for most people only lasts an hour or two. For some, the redness may last a day or so. We apply a soothing gel onto the treated area and additional cooling is available where necessary. Zinc sunscreen will be applied to areas visible to the sun post treatment. Most patients find no one can notice they had a laser hair removal treatment.

Is the laser treatment comfortable?

Laser hair removal treatment involves a number of laser pulses that can generate a tingling or slight pin prick sensation. The Cutera Alexandrite and Nd:Yag laser uses a chill tip hand piece which makes for very comfortable treatments.

How many treatments will be necessary?

The laser works by affecting the hair follicles that are in the growing (anagen) phase. At any time, some hair follicles are in the resting (telogen) phase and won’t be treated by the laser. Therefore, several hair laser removal treatments will be necessary to achieve a permanent reduction or removal. Majority of patients achieve 50-80% reduction in hair after 8 treatments.

How long does it take?

Each laser pulse treats about a half inch area, which can contain ten or more hairs. The amount of time needed depends on the size of the area to be treated. The upper lip usually takes less than 5 minutes while other areas such as the legs can take up to an hour.

Can I have my treatment on the day of my consultation?

Please request this at the time of booking. If the treatment area is large, we will need to make an alternative time for the treatment. Also your clinician may need to assess the effect of the test patch before we proceed with the full treatment. If you are tanned or darker skinned, you will need to have a laser hair removal test patch at your consultation and have your laser hair removal treatment on a different day.

What do I do before a consultation or treatment?

We cannot wax or pluck the area that we will be treating for 2-4 weeks prior to your laser hair removal treatment. However, the area you want treated needs to be shaved prior to treatment.

About the consultation?

We require that you attend a preliminary consultation with one of our laser specialists in order to determine your suitability for laser treatment. We will provide information about the treatment, including costs, aftercare and answer your questions.

What should you do if you are not well?

We do not recommend a consultation or treatment if you are ill. Please contact us to reschedule your appointment.